Handstick balance to chin to saw

This is a great combination for getting into the saw position. First get the devilstick into a handstick balance. Now take the tip of the other handstick and place it on the bottom of the balancing devilstick. You are now going to move the balancing devilstick from one handstick to the tip of the other handstick. Once the devilstick is balancing on the tip of the other handstick, raise the devilstick up to place the bottom of it on your chin. From this position it is easy to let the devilstick fall forward and go into a saw.

You can skip the handstick balance to tip transfer and try to go from a handstick balance to your chin.
Make sure there is not any excess rubber on the ends of your handsticks, it makes the handstick tip balance harder.

The pictures below go from handstick balance straight to chin balance without transferring it to the tip of the other handstick.

Vertical balance ...

to chin ...

drop off into saw.

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