Behind the Back

Start by doing an Idle. When the devilstick leaves your right handstick bring the handstick around your back to the other side. You should have enough time while you hit the devilstick with your left handstick to get your right handstick around for the hit. If not, you could give the stick a full flip as it goes to the left side. Once the right hand behind the back has hit the devilstick, you can either bring it back around and go into an idle, or leave it back there and idle with one hand behind your back.

One nice looking trick is doing continuous behind the backs. Once on the left side, once on the right, etc.

When bringing the handstick behind your back try to point it straight down so that it will not catch on your body or clothes.

Here are a few different variations of doing a behind the back hit or rollover.

Behind the back with a rollover.
In the second clip I step forward when doing the behind the back. For some people it may be easier to get the behind the back hit doing this.

Behind the back with rollovers each way:

Behind the back rollover toss:

Translations of this trick:


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