Half Flip Handoffs

These are tricks that use the Single Stick Handoff while passing the second handstick in different ways. Be sure you can do the Single Stick Handoff continuously. I'll describe the first variation in detail, and then list other ways to pass the second handstick.

Handstick in mouth:
Starting from an Idle, when the devilstick lands on the right handstick, put the left handstick in your mouth. When you put the handstick in your mouth it should be horizontal and you should bite down on the middle of the handstick. Now give the devilstick a half flip with the right handstick. While the devilstick is flipping, hand the right handstick to the left hand (Single Stick Handoff). After the handoff, take the handstick out of your mouth with your right hand. As you do this the left handstick will be catching the devilstick. You can then toss the devilstick back to the right side and go into a different trick or do this continuously.

It is much easier if the half flip of the devilstick is a little slower that usual. This will give you time for the handstick passes.

Using the base trick of the Single Stick Handoff, there are many different ways to pass the second handstick. Here are just some variations on the pass:

As you can see from many of the examples above, you can do almost any club juggling throw for the second handstick pass.

Translations of this trick:


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