Handstick Balance 2

Here is another way to get the devilstick balanced vertically on a handstick (as in the Handstick Balance). Start with the devilstick resting horizontally on both handsticks (the Static Start position). From there toss the devilstick just a little in the air and catch it horizontally in the center with one handstick (either left or right). You can also get to this position doing the Single Stick Horizontal Balance trick. When the devilstick is perfectly balanced on the handstick, start rolling the handstick to one side of the center tape. This will cause the devilstick to slowly fall off the handstick. When the devilstick is at about a 45 degree angle give it a little toss in the air. The devilstick should still be rotating a little, and if it is at the right speed you can catch the devilstick on it's end when it is in the vertical position.

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