Under Leg

There are a couple of ways this trick can be interpreted. You can start all of them from the Idle position. The first is lifting your leg and putting your handstick under your leg for the next hit of the devilstick. The second is to lift your leg and pass the devilstick from one handstick to the next under the raised leg. The latter may require a little more leg lift. When doing it either way there are the many different combinations: left leg, right leg, passing from inside leg to outside, outside to inside, etc.

One variation to under the leg is to keep your foot on the ground. You will have to squat down a bit to get the handstick under your leg for this move. Once you can do it with either hand then alternate, left under, right under, etc. The final step is to put both your handsticks under your legs (feet on ground) and idle the devilstick in front of you. This is kind of funny looking, and its a little hard to keep the devilstick high enough in front of you so it doesn't hit the ground.

Second Variation:
Another variation of "under the leg with the foot on the ground" is putting the left handstick under the right leg and vice versa. To do this take your right foot and step over the left foot. Now if you lean down to the left you can put the left handstick under the right leg to hit the devilstick out of an idle position. Then you can do the same thing with the left over right leg and right handstick between.

All Variations:
Be sure to try all variations of under the leg; right under right leg, right under left leg, left under left leg, left under right leg, and each of those with the foot in the air and the foot on the ground.

Translations of this trick:


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