Two-hand Curl

First of all, you have to have Curls down solid. Assuming a clockwise spin, and a right-handed curl, here's what you do:

Start your curl and as you raise your right handstick and devil stick, place the left hand stick in your mouth (or between your legs, or just drop it) freeing up your left hand. As the devil stick continues its curl beneath the right elbow, begin to reach for the tip of your right hand stick. Lightly grasp the tip and continue the normal curl motion with your right hand stick, only now you're holding onto both ends of the right hand stick. You can continue with another curl or two with both hands on each end of the handstick. The biggest challenge you'll face is keeping both arms out of the way of the spinning (curling?) devil stick. When you're ready, you release your left hand, grab the left hand stick, and either continue the regular curl or go into an idle.

Thanks to Matt Hall for first showing me this trick (it looks really awesome) and submitting the write-up above.

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