Kick up

In this trick you kick the devilstick up in the air with your foot. This is great to work on when you are dropping the devilstick alot from trying other tricks. I first learned this trick while club juggling, I had lots of drops, so I had lots of practice at it.

What you do here is place the devilstick across your foot so that one end of the devilstick is on the ground, to the outside of the foot, pointing forward a little. The other end is resting on your foot. It might be easier to hold it in this position if you lift your toes in the air while keeping your heel on the ground. You then point your toes up and lift your foot to the outside as you bend your knee. As your foot is raised the devilstick gets trapped between your foot and the inside of your leg, below the calf. If you raise your leg quick enough the devilstick will then flip in the air and you can go into idling.

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