I first learned this trick from Jeff Daymont at a Spring Fling Festival back in '87 (and I still don't have this trick down yet). The point of this trick is to toss all three sticks (devilstick and both handsticks) into the air and then catch the handsticks and go into idling.

To start out, place a handstick on either side of the devilstick. The handsticks are parallel with the devilstick. Then on one end of the devilstick line up the ends of the handsticks with the end of the devilstick. Hold the three sticks in one hand, now toss all three sticks in the air. I toss the sticks so that they spin in a plane parallel with your body. You will then need to "claw" the handsticks out of the air as they separate and fall. Then start idling the devilstick before it hits the ground. The tough part is to get the handsticks to separate enough so that you can grab them out of the air easily. Try tilting your wrist at different angles as you toss the sticks in the air to get the handstick separation.

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