The Barrage

I used to call the trick Barrage Mess the Barrage, however, since coming up with this variation I thought it better mimicked the hand movements of the three ball trick Burke's Barrage.

The movements of the handsticks is very similar to Mills Mess. Start out of an idle. After a right handstick hit let the devilstick roll over the left handstick (as you would in Mills Mess). Cross your right handstick over the left and do a right handed backhand hit. From the right handed backhand hit, toss the devilstick to your right side and do one propeller rollover (it will rollover clock-wise (CW))on the right handstick. Cross your left handstick over your right handstick as it is doing the rollover. Then do a left handed back hand hit into a left handed CCW rollover. That's one full cycle of the trick.

This is more similar to the trick Burke's Barrage because your handstick hits are doing right backhand, right rollover, left backhand, left rollover. And the three ball trick is throwing right hand, right hand, left hand, left hand.

Rather than crossing your arms "over" for the backhand hits, cross your arm "under" for the hit.

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