Propeller Spin Transitions

The basis for the following tricks is pretty simple, but the number of variations that you can develop from it is endless. The base trick for this is doing a full propeller spin on one handstick, stop and reverse direction and toss to the other hand. The other hand then does the same thing, one propeller spin, stop, reverse and toss back to other hand. What this base trick does is it gives you time to do something interesting with the handstick not doing the propeller spin.

Here are some variations of things to do with the free handstick.

As you can see from many of the examples above, you can do almost any club juggling throw with the free handstick.

Extended propeller spin transition.
If there is a trick with the handstick that needs a bit more time to complete before the spin is done then there are a couple ways to extend that time with the propeller. The easiest way is to just do another propeller spin before doing the reverse and toss to the other hand. However, another way to give you a little more time, and I think it looks nicer, is to give the devilstick an extra spin after the reverse and before the toss. It's not even a full flip, it's more like a rollover into switching to the other hand. This transition is similar to a two handstick propeller move.

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