The Weave

This is another great trick that came out of a combination of moves from some different saw tricks. I came up with the name from the three ball trick. It has a very similar look and feel to the hand movements. You will need to hold the handsticks in the middle for this trick.

Starting from an Idle, when the right handstick tosses the devilstick to the left side, let the devilstick rollover the left handstick. After the rollover, bring the right handstick across for another rollover on the right handstick (very similar to the Windmill). But, when you do the right handstick rollover, turn the handstick so the rollover is on the back side of the handstick. The front side of the handstick is pointing toward yourself.

The picture is at the point where the devilstick has just rolled over the left handstick. I have moved my right hand across and have the back side of the handstick ready for the rollover.

Then after the right, back handstick, rollover, stop the devilstick with the left handstick and reverse directions. Now reverse what we just did from the right side. After the left handstick toss you will do a rollover on the right handstick, a rollover on the left back side of the handstick, and then stop it and reverse directions with the right handstick. You are back at the beginning, just keep doing it solid both ways.

This picture I am about to do a rollover on the backside of the left handstick.

Trick video:

Here is a variation of the weave where I do a weave and then reverse the weave on each side.

Here is another variation where I do a flourish after a weave on one side.

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