Over the Top Turn

This trick is a way to bring the devilstick over the top of your head and then turn around. You are going to have to hold the handsticks in the middle.

Start by doing a reverse saw. Raise the saw so it starts to come over your head. I will usually turn to the left, so the devilstick may be a little to the left of my head. When the devilstick is doing a rollover on my left handstick I will start to turn to my left. The next rollover is going to be on the right handstick, so turn your right hand so it is palm up and do a rollover on the back side of the handstick. Rolling the devilstick over the back side of your right handstick will allow you to complete the turn to the left. After the devilstick does a rollover on the back side of the right handstick you can lower the devilstick for the left hand rollover and then go into a forward saw.

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