This trick is similar to a Propeller. But the plane the devilstick spins in is perpendicular to your body. Also you will use both handsticks to spin the devilstick.

A common starting position is to rest one side of the devilstick on a handstick, and have the opposite end of the devilstick against your body. With it perpendicular to your body you will want to give the devilstick a hit with the right handstick underneath and below the center. The devilstick will roll off the handstick, spinning in a forward direction. Then place the left handstick under the devilstick where you will hit it in the same position as you did the right one. Keep bringing the handsticks around and under for the hits. The devilstick should just seem to roll over the handsticks for each hit. The closer the handstick hits are to the center of the devilstick, the slower the devilstick will spin.

Once you get the hang of doing the saw you can start it many different ways (rather than stopping and leaning it against you). The easiest method is to turn your body 90 degrees while idling and then let the devilstick roll over the handstick that is closest to the "audience". While it is rolling over the handstick turn back forward and start the saw. You can eventually do this without actually having to turn your whole body (just turn your upper body without moving your feet).

Be sure to practice forward and reverse saw spins. The forward spinning saw is the direction the devilstick is spinning, which if it was a wheel on the ground, would roll forward and away from yourself.


One variation of the saw that is good to learn (for some of the tricks described below) is to do a saw with your knuckles down. Hold the handsticks in the middle. You should have the same amount of handstick sticking out on both sides. Then turn your hands so that the knuckles are toward the ground, you use the back side of the handstick. Now work on doing the saw forward and reverse in this position.

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