Shoulder Saw Hurdle

This is one of my favorite tricks that I have come up with and one that I like about as much as my Egyptian Buzzsaw. I first stumbled onto this trick when I was practicing the Roll Over the Shoulder trick.

The idea of this trick is simple, but the implementation will take a bit of practice. Start by doing the saw. When the devilstick rolls onto the right handstick, use the right handstick to bring the devilstick under your left arm. Once it is under your arm, you are going to toss it over your shoulder, back in front of you. You can then go right back into the saw.

In the picture I have just tossed the devilstick over my left shoulder and am about to catch it on my left handstick, where I will then go back into the saw.

When you first start practicing this trick it may be easier to get it over your shoulder if you do the saw to your side, almost underneath your arm.

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