Side Saw

The side saw is a method of doing the saw where the plane of rotation of the devilstick is parallel to your body, rather than perpendicular. You will need to bring one arm over the spinning devilstick and turn your upper body a little. You can get into this trick easily from a Propeller, Windmill, Idle, or any other similar trick. Be sure to do this trick both ways, right arm over and left arm over, and also spinning the devilstick in both directions. These will be needed for some of the tricks described below.

In the picture I am doing a left hand forward side saw (refer to naming convention below). It doesn't look much different than a normal saw, but the position gives you the ability to switch sides easily.

Naming convention:
In order to distinguish the different side saws, here is how I define them. If the left arm is over the devilstick, spinning in a forward rotation (clockwise if you are looking at the devilstick), I call this a left hand forward side saw. There is also the left hand reverse side saw if you spin the devilstick in the reverse direction. Then you have the same tricks done with the right hand.

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