Static Force Flips

In this trick you start in the static position. From there you will take one handstick, cross over and trap the devilstick on one side with one handstick under the devilstick (closer to the center) and the other on top. From there you will push down with the handstick on top while pulling up with the handstick on the bottom. This will flip the devilstick up and around the top handstick and then catch it back in the statiic position. The videos below will show this trick.

This video clip starts with a trapeze and then goes into static force flips.

In this extended variation the trap is done by putting your arm under your other arm. This will allow the devilstick to do a full flip and a half before catching it in the static stop position.

Another video clip of doing static force flips and the extended variation.

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