Double Helicopter

This method of manipulating two devilsticks is more popular with people who use flowersticks. I have yet to see someone who primarily uses tapered devilsticks do very much with Double Helicopters. However, I have seen it done with tapered sticks, it just may be a bit harder.

There are a couple of methods for doing the Double Helicopter. The first would be to try and do Single Stick Helicopters with each devilstick. I have yet to see that done. However, the second and more popular method of doing Double Helicopters is to have the devilsticks continually resting on the handsticks as you would during a Curl or a Half Curl.

The problem with that particular method is that the handsticks start to crawl down the devilstick as you do the Half Curls. So to "fix" that problem you need to rotate, or turn, the handstick in your hand as you do the Half Curls. It's the same thing you have to do if you are spinning a lasso. This is probably one reason it is not as popular doing it with tapered devilsticks. It crawls down the devilstick much quicker since it is usually thicker in the center than flowersticks.

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