Double Propeller

This is probably one of the first things to learn when starting with two devilsticks. Basically the description is you do a Propeller with each hand at the same time.

Here are a few different ways of starting this trick.

The first is to place one end of the devilstick on the ground and lean it against your handstick. Do this with each devilstick. To start you drop the handsticks and let the devilsticks start falling. Then use the handsticks to hit the devilstick near the center, to start the propeller, and lift them off the ground.

The second is to hold a devilstick in each hand. You will still be holding the handsticks, and the devilstick will be resting on top of the handsticks. Hold the devilsticks near the center tape in a horizontal position. Give the devilsticks a gentle toss in the air and then hit each devilstick with the handsticks to start the propeller.

The next method is to place both devilsticks on the ground next to each other, end to end. Stand one one side of the devilsticks near the middle where the ends meet. Rest a handstick on top each of the devilsticks and pull them towards you. As they start to roll towards you, put the handsticks under the rolling devilstick and lift up in the air and start the propellers.

The propeller spins:
There are four different ways to spin the propellers.

I suggest to start out with right clockwise and left counter-clockwise. For my reasoning behind this, you can read my description of the Propeller.

Here is an animated GIF of Henning Wiescher doing two devilstick propellers. He does them left clockwise, right counter-clockwise.

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