History of the Devilstick

There is a brief section on the history of the devilstick at the DevilStick Wikipedia entry.

I currently do not have anything else on the history of the devilstick but will post whatever information I do find. Todd Strong's The Devilstick Book has a chapter on the history of the devilstick. However, I didn't think it would be wise to reprint what he has written without permission. Someday I may try to contact him and ask him about it.

If anybody has any other information on the history then please email me. Or if somebody happens to know Todd Strong then ask him about publishing his chapter on devilstick history on the web.

I had a chance to meet Todd Strong last week at the IJA's 50th Anniversary Festival in Pittsburgh. And I did remember to ask him about reprinting the chapter on devilsticking on this web site. However, he said that would not be possible due to publisher copyrights and he did not feel comfortable with the web for publishing material. So you will have to go purchase Todd's The Devilstick Book in order to get the chapter on the history of the devilstick.

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