Bi-colored Handsticks

Here is an easy way to create bi-colored handsticks from two different colored solid handsticks. I orignially got this idea from Greg Kennedy, who besides being an amazing innovative juggler, is really good with devilsticks. We spent quite a bit of time at the 1996 Rapid City IJA convention swapping tricks.

First thing you need is two different colored handsticks. It will most likely be easiest with silicone rubber coated handsticks (I have not tried it with other types). You can purchase these from vendors like Serious Juggling or Dube.
Once you have those, you'll need to get a nice sharp razor blade of some kind. Measure the length of the handsticks, mark the center, then slice the rubber at the center of the stick all the way around (as image on the right).
Once you have cut the handstick rubber, pull one end off each of the handsticks (This may be easy or hard depending on how tight the rubber is on the sticks, and how thick the handsticks are.). Then you'll need to slide the colored rubber tube on the opposite colored handstick (as I have started to do on the left). I found that it looks best if you put both cut edges of the rubber together in the middle. I've noticed that after a few years the different handstick halfs stick to each other and it's hard to even tell that it's not one piece of rubber.
Once the handsticks are fully put together you have a new set of bi-colored handsticks. With tricks where you are flipping the handsticks (handstick flips, hand toss, etc.) it is much more obvious that something is going on with the handsticks.

Disclaimer: As I mentioned above, sometimes the silicone rubber is pretty tight depending on the diameter of the wooden dowel rod. If it's hard to get half of it off, it may be REALLY hard to get it back on. I think it took me 20 minutes per handstick with my red/white set because the red silicone was a bit smaller (and thus tighter) than the white. So try this at your own risk.

Note: Found out that putting some baby powder (or similar powder) on the dowell rod before sliding the silicone rubber on makes it much easier. Thanks to Jim Mcormanmorman who tried it out and let me know that it worked.

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