Handsticks with knobs

Here is an idea that I tried when I was thinking about incorporating club swinging moves with the handsticks. I found that getting to the end of a handstick to perform a club move was sometimes difficult. So I thought of adding a knob at the end just like a juggling club. I ended up experimenting with a couple different sized knobs. Here is a video of Olivier Caignart doing some club swinging moves with the handsticks. I'm pretty sure that he does not have knobs on the end of his handsticks. :)

I found the wooden knobs at a local hobby store and they had a variety of different sizes. These knobs had a flat side that laid up against the handstick nicely when screwed in (as in the pictures below).

I tried a couple different sizes of knobs for the ends. The one on the left was a 3/4 inch knob, and the one on the right is a 1 inch knob. The 3/4 inch knob turned out to be too small since it was about the same width as the handstick with the silicone rubber.
I also tried handsticks with knobs at one end and at both ends. I decided that the ones with knobs at one end worked the best. This was because you really only need the one end to do the club swinging, it was more like a club, and having a knob at the far end of the handstick sometimes caused problems if it hit the devilstick. The only thing you needed to pay more attention to was which end of the handstick you were holding if you were doing moves with handstick flips or flourishes.

One of the things you can do is paint the knobs white (or whatever color your handsticks are) so that it is not as obvious that there are knobs at the end of the handsticks.

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