Submitting Tricks to

Since I have moved Internet providers I now have the ability to add graphics and video to the web pages. If you have a trick that you would like to submit then please include the following:

If you have a picture or video to include then the best option is to put it on a web page and I can copy it or download it from there to this site. It will be much easier than mailing it. Thanks.

Then mail this information to

I try to credit each trick to whoever submits it. If you submit a trick that is not yours then you can let me know. I also have the right to reword or modify the description you send in order to correct or clarify as needed.

If I get enough submittals then I may add a web form for submitting tricks.

Submitting Info to

If you have any other information to submit to, book reviews, video reviews, links, vendors, etc., then mail it to

I may reword or modify the information you send in order to correct or clarify.

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