Two Handstick Pass

This is similar to the Half Flip Handoff, except both handsticks are passed in the air. There are a couple different variations of this trick.

The first method of doing this trick is to pass the handsticks to the opposite hands leaving the handsticks in the plane of the devilstick. From an Idle, after the devilstick is tossed from the right handstick, start moving the right handstick toward the left side. You will keep the handstick in the plane of the devilstick and the handstick will be crossing over the top of the devilstick. As you are bringing the right handstick toward the left side, bring the left handstick toward the right side under the devilstick spin. When the handsticks reach the center point release the handsticks. They should have enough momentum to cross to the opposite sides. After you release the handsticks then you will catch the handsticks in the opposite hands. The right hand will catch the handstick that was passed under the devilstick, and the left hand will catch the one passed over the top. The devilstick can then be caught with the left handstick and back into an Idle. During this trick the devilstick will only do a half flip.

The second variation is also during a half flip with the devilstick. During the flip pull the handsticks out of the plane of the devilstick. Then toss the handsticks in the air to the opposite hands. One handstick will need to go above the other to aviod a collision. Catch the handsticks and go back into Idling.

Translations of this trick:


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