Behind the Back, Leave Handstick

This trick first starts with a Behind the Back hit. After the devilstick is hit with the handstick that is behind the back, let go of the handstick. Then bring your arm back around to the front and catch the falling handstick. You will need to do all this before the devilstick needs to be hit with the handstick you are catching. It is a very quick trick, but it can be done. The real trick is then to get constant behind the backs going on your right and left side. Then start leaving the handsticks and catching them on both sides. Talk about needing to be fast and accurate!

When dropping the handstick that is behind the back, give it a little toss so that it will stay in the air longer. The hard part is getting the stick to stay flat so it is catchable when you bring your arm back around. Of course you could give the handstick a flip, like a juggling club, before you bring your arm back around (I find it easier leaving the handstick flat).

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