Pass Behind Back

Passing the devilstick behind the back can be done in a couple of different ways. The first method is to start from an idle. Now get into the position of doing a Behind the Back continuously (one hand always behind the back). Let's say that the left hand is behind your back. When the right handstick hits the devilstick give it more push to go completely behind your back to the left side. Now you can do a behind the back continuously on the left side (right hand is behind your back).

The second method is to pass it behind your back out of a Curl. This depends alot on which direction that the devilstick is spinning (CW or CCW). From your right hand, if the devilstick is spinning in a CW rotation, start a curl. Once your hand has come all the way around the turn, and is above the devilstick bring it around your back for the pass to the left hand. This is a difficult trick, and you may want to give the devilstick a toss so your left hand can catch it. Couple of hints: the slower the curl, the easier it will be to pass it, and it might be easier to bend forward a bit when trying the pass.

A very nice version of the second method was done by Jochen Schell on the '95 IJA videos.
Thanks to Tom Ryan for reminding me to put the trick on these pages.

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