Helicopter around neck

This trick is a way to pass the devilstick around your neck while doing the helicopter. I first saw one of the members, John Portman, in our juggling club do this trick.

Start by doing a helicopter. Lets say it is a clockwise spinning helicopter. When the devilstick lands on the left handstick start to raise the devilstick and bring it over to your right shoulder. If you get the devilstick up to your right shoulder you should be able to place it so that the devilstick will wrap around the back of your neck. Once the devilstick wraps around the neck you can catch it with your right handstick and continue to do the helicopter.

If you were doing a counterclockwise helicopter then you would need to use your right handstick and bring the devilstick up to the left side for the around the neck.

Submitted by Brian Black.
Start with a clockwise helicopter. As the devilstick lands on the right handstick, bring the devilstick right up to your neck, your right thumb will almost touch your right shoulder. The right hand stick then sort of pushes the devilstick around your neck. The stick wraps around, then rolls down the left arm, where it's tossed into the air. I like to give it a flip so that it goes right into a propeller on the right handstick.

What also makes the trick more interesting is to do a few helicopter taps before sending it around the neck.

When doing the helicopter around the neck, try to catch the devilstick between your chin and collarbone and then do a Neck Roll back to the other side.

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