Neck Rolls

I first started practicing this move with the devilstick when I saw a baton twirler do this trick. It is a move where you get the devilstick to roll around the back of your neck without using the handsticks.

Start by taking one end of the devilstick and pinching it between your chin and shoulder, or collarbone. The other end sticks up over your back, pointing up and to the side. What you need to do is swing your shoulder back and let go of the devilstick with your chin. Let the devilstick roll around the back of your neck. When the devilstick is rolling around the back of your neck start to bring your other shoulder back and turn to face that shoulder. Now you want to catch the devilstick between your chin and collarbone, just like you were holding it before the roll. Once you can do this you can have the devilstick roll from one side to the other and back.

To get into this position without placing the devilstick there you can try to catch the devilstick out of a Helicopter Around Neck.

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