Switch-hand Curl

The start of this trick is the same as the Two Hand Curl trick. You have to free up your left hand at some point. At the point where you lightly grasp the tip of your right hand stick in the Two Hand Curl, you need to get a really good grip this time because you're going to release your right hand grip from the hand stick. As soon as you do, you begin a left-handed curl under the left elbow. The devil stick is always doing a clockwise curl, and you choose the hand with which to do it. To switch back to a right-hand curl, you grasp the end of the handstick just as the left-hand curl is descending back towards the under the elbow position.

These two tricks (Two Hand Curl and Switch-hand Curl) are closely related and can be mixed together quite nicely. I usually try to do one regular curl, then a two-hand curl, (and as long as I've already got the other handstick in my mouth!), then I move to a switch-hand curl, after which I retrieve the other handstick and go for a behind the back curl. It's a long sequence and you need to keep the flow going nicely. Feels great when you pull it off in front of a large group of people.

Thanks again to Matt Hall for also showing me this trick and submitting the write-up.

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