Albert toss

Yes, you too can do an albert toss with the devilstick. If you don't know what an albert throw is, then here is the description off of the JIS:
"Named after Albert Lucas, this trick is where you throw a club from front to back between the legs. Your feet should stay on the ground. Kit Summers came up with this name."

Hold the handsticks in the middle while doing the saw. Start to lower the devilstick as you do the saw and start to bend forward with legs spread apart. When the devilstick is doing a rollover on the right handstick start to bring the devilstick between your legs. You will then have to toss the devilstick under your left leg and as straight up, or to the front of you, as possible. All the while keeping your feet on the ground. Once the devilstick is tossed between the legs turn your left hand knuckles down and reach your left handstick to your left side. Then do a rollover on the front side of the left handstick and start to bring the devilstick back to the center of your body. From here you can go back into the saw. This is similar to the Shoulder Saw Hurdle, but you are going under a leg (sounds easy enough).

In the picture I am currently in the position where I am about to toss the devilstick up and as far to the front as possible. I will then point my left handstick, front side of the handstick, to the left of me. The devilstick will roll over it after it goes up and over my leg. Then I am back in the saw position in the front.

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