Side Saw Mess

The side saw mess is a method of doing the Side to Side Saw with stopping and reversing the direction of the devilstick. Start out doing a left hand forward Side Saw. After the devilstick has rolled over the left handstick, stop the devilstick spin with the right handstick and start a reverse spin with the devilstick (left hand reverse side saw). Roll it back over the left handstick, then the right handstick, and on the next left handstick hit do a Side to Side Saw transition. This should put you in the position of doing a right hand forward side saw. Now you just need to stop the forward spin with the left handstick, transition into a reverse spin, and do another Side to Side Saw transition.

The transitions from forward to reverse spins as you go from side to side is a nice effect. It looks like the devilstick is rolling from one side to the other.

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