Start from the Static Start position. Take the right handstick out from under the devilstick and let the devilstick start to drop. As the devilstick drops use the right handstick to pinch the devilstick between the left and right handsticks (your left handstick always stays in contact with the devilstick). The devilstick will then swing like a pendulum from the right side to the left. When it reaches the peak on the left side take your left handstick and catch the devilstick back into the Static Start position. You can also do this the opposite way.

Hint: It might make it easier to catch with the left handstick if while the devilstick is pinched between the handsticks to move the top of the devilstick to the right as the bottom pendulums to the left. This might also give it more swing. Try to get the devilstick to swing up to a horizontal position right before the catch with the left handstick.

Video clip starts with a trapeze and then does some static force flips.

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