Static Under Leg

This is going to be similar to a regular devilstick Under the Leg or Pass Under the Leg except that the devilstick is always kept in a static position.

From a static start position give the devilstick a little toss, or lift, in the air to the left. This is not a throw or toss like when you are normally devilsticking, keep the devilstick flat. This is just to give you a little time to do the trick. Now bring your right arm under your leg and catch the devilstick in the static position. When you do the toss (or lift) keep the left handstick always in contact with the devilstick.

You can then bring the devilstick under your leg to the inside so that the left arm is now under your leg. Give the devilstick another toss and bring your left hand around to catch the devilstick in the static start position.

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