Center Handstick Hit

This trick can be done out of Double Propellers or from Single Handstick Idles. The object of this trick is to use one handstick to toss both devilsticks at the same time. The devilsticks will be tossed in opposite directions.

From the Double Propeller or Single Stick Idles you will need to get the devilsticks in sync so that you can stop devilstick in the left hand as if it was going to toss it to the right side. And the right hand will need to stop the devilstick as if it was going to toss it to the left. Once these are stopped at the same time, you will toss them so the devilsticks will do a quarter flip toward each other. The top half of each devilstick should overlap one another around the center of your body. When they do this you will take one of the handsticks (either left or right) and catch both devilsticks (where they are overlapping) on this handstick, then toss the devilsticks back out to the side. Then go back into Propellers, Single Sticking, etc. This is similar to the Single Stick Idles, except that there is the one hit in the center where only one handstick is used.

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