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Welcome to Devilstick.org!

Devilstick.org has the goal of being the predominate site on the Internet for devilstick information. This includes tricks, books, videos, vendors, and whatever else we can find. You will find most of the information and links from the main web page. Below you can find instructions on submitting information and keeping things up to date. Thanks for taking a look at the site and keep checking back for new information! Anytime I update the pages I put an entry in the What's New section.

The history of Devilstick.org
Devilstick.org was started in August of 1995. It was originally hosted on a free Internet provider called Prairienet. The original site was called "The Devilstick Page" and was located in my home directory (http://www.prairienet.org/~jjbarlow/devilstick.html). After a couple years of numerous hits and many email responses from all over the world, it was time to revamp the web pages. Since Prairienet only allowed 1 MB (yes, only 1MB) for user home directories, it was not enough room to add graphics and other neat features to the web pages (which was the number one request from viewers).

Finally in June of 1998 I was presented with the opportunity of getting my own domain name and moving the devilstick pages. Prairienet had also started charging for its services, so it was time to make a move. I then obtained the devilstick.org domain name and moved over all of the web pages. In October 1998 Devilstick.org was online.

About me
If you want to find out more about myself you can take a look at my Home Page

Helping out
If you have any ideas for information that would be good to add to our web site, or if you want to submit tricks, articles, links, and other information for the web pages, then please contact me below. You can also take a look at the Submitting Tricks page. You can also take a look at the Todo page if you are interested in what other items myself and others would like to see on the site.

Contact info
If you need to contact me at Devilstick.org then please send an email to: jbarlow@devilstick.org

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