The Devilstick F.A.Q.

Version: 1.1
Last Modified: 26APR2001

What is the Devilstick F.A.Q.?

The Devilstick F.A.Q. is a list of frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) on the devilstick. If there are questions that are not answered here then you can email me and I'll see if I can add them. Supplying answers to the questions would help (if you know the answer :-).

What is a devilstick?

A devilstick is a prop used by many jugglers which consists of two handsticks and a center stick, more commonly referred to as the devilstick. You use the two handsticks to toss the devilstick back and forth in the air. There are many tricks that can be done with a devilstick like making the devilstick do multiple flips, spinning it on one handstick, or spinning it in different directions. You can refer to the Tricks page for many more tricks. It is believed the devilstick originated thousands of years ago in China. You can take a look at the History page for more information on finding out about the history of the devilstick.

How do I start devilsticking?

The best ways to start devilsticking is to purchase a good book or have somebody who already knows how teach you. Having somebody teach you will probably be a bit easier and you may learn more quickly. I say this because you have the advantage of asking questions and getting immediate feedback. Also, an instructor can observe and correct bad habits or mistakes. The next best method is to learn it from a book. You can take a look at the Book section and pick out a good book to start with. The Devil Sticks For The Complete Klutz is a good place to begin.

What kind is the best?

The answer to this is going to vary from person to person. Alot of it depends on what type of stick you started with. Standard devilsticks tend to spin faster and may be a bit more difficult when starting. Flowersticks spin slower and you may have more control of the stick when initially learning. I am partial to the standard devilstick and rarely use flowersticks. There are tricks that are going to be easier on one type of stick and harder on the other. It may also depend on the style of devilsticking you want to do. There is a style where the helicopter trick is primarily used with flowersticks. I tend to call it the "Grateful Dead Style" since the style was popularized with people using flowersticks at Grateful Dead concerts. There are also styles where you want to do alot of quick propeller moves and spins and it is easier done with the standard devilstick. Whatever stick you decide to use I would encourage trying out both a standard devilstick and a flowerstick and see which feels better for what you want to do.

Where do I buy a devilstick?

There are lots of vendors to purchase devilstick from, and you can take a look at the list on the vendors page to start. You can also take a look through the Jugglers Mall at the Juggling Information Service (JIS) and try to find a vendor near to where you live.

Where do I find out more about devilsticking?

The first place you can take a look at is There is lots of information on tricks, books, videos, and other miscellaneous stuff. You can also take a look at the Book section where you may find a good book to purchase that may help. Then there is rec.juggling which is a great news group where you can post and read devilstick questions. There is an email list at Yahoo! Groups called the DevilstickForum. Lastly, if you are not involved in a local juggling club you may want to go to the JIS Club Meetings page and see if there is one near you.

How can I make a devilstick?

Of the two types of devilsticks, a flowerstick is much easier to make at home. In order to make a standard devilstick one would need to have access to a wood lathe in order to spin and form the wooden stick. That is a bit more complicated than what I want to get into here and requires much more experience with wood working equipment.

As for make a flowerstick, there are various kinds to make. I hope to add different methods and styles in the future, and if you have one that you have made please email me and I will add it to this F.A.Q.

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