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This is a section that will list things like how to make your own devilstick, handsticks, and other devilsticking items. If you have anything to add then be sure to email me.

  • Make your own bi-colored handsticks.
  • Here is a page that describes how to make fire handsticks.


    Here are some various ideas that I have tried with different types of devilsticks and handsticks. Some of these are recent ideas, some I have had around for years, and some are items I've made to play around with other people's ideas.

    For a long time I have thought about different items that could be used in a devilstick routine. I always thought that doing devilstick with a tennis raquet, broom, juggling club, etc. was always a bit cheesy. There have only been a couple ideas which I have seen that I thought were actually pretty cool. One of them was the excellently themed and executed umbrella devilstick routine by Steve Ragatz). The other was the devil's triangle by Seth Golub. So I started thinking rather than replacing the devilstick with something why not do something with the handsticks. So here are some ideas around that theme.

  • Here is my set of 3 section handsticks that I made from Seth Golub's original idea. I connected mine with some rope which worked fairly well, but didn't allow much twisting of the sticks.
  • Handsticks with knobs.
  • The handstick cube.


    List of other devilstick sites on the net with good information and content.


    A list of people (in alphabetical order) I have run across on the net who are interested in, or perform with the devilstick.

    Email me if you have a web page and want to be added to the list.

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